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In the past 16 years procedures have increased by more than 80% and nonsurgical procedures has increased by 461%. Majority of the growth is attributed to non-surgical treatments. In 2012 nonsurgical treatments made up 83% of the total number of procedures and 39% of total expenditure. $2 billion of which were spent on injectable procedures; $1.8 billion were spend on skin rejuvenation procedures; and over $483 million were spent on other nonsurgical treatments including laser hair removal. With such a growing demand and opportunity, investors have been investing significantly into companies that are pursuing cutting edge non-invasive technology.


Among the largest non-invasive skin tightening and fat reduction companies, Ulthera (skin tightening) and Liposonix (fat reduction), both using ultrasound technology, have collectively raised around half a billion dollars.

Furthermore, a large percentage of those funds were raised during the devices R&D phase. For example, Liposonix received $150 million to perform research and development for a single device and was promised an additional $150 million after completion.

The current ultrasound solutions available in the market are very expensive, intrusive and inconvenience. In this explosive consumer market, the need for reducing the cost and increasing the convenience of these procedures will play a significant differentiating role.

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