UltrasoundInc. will provide customers with the next generation in non-invasive skin tightening & contouring.
Learn more about how our products and services will change the industry through revolutionary marketing techniques and new bLITE® Technology.


Skin tightening and fat reduction are now amazingly obtainable with a carefully prescribed combination of ultrasound and radio frequency!


Ultrasound Inc’s. bLITE® device involves custom hand wands guided by proprietary software that delivers an exclusive combination of sound and radio frequency waves to destroy fat cells (termed- cavitation) to targeted areas, such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs & flank*. The bLITE® system also tightens skin by strengthening lax collagen beneath the skin that weakens with age contributing to descending brows, sagging jowls, and the infamous turkey neck.

This process delivers powerful yet painless thermal energy deep within the skin and tissue without injuring the skin’s surface. Selective frequency can discriminate among internal tissues affecting only fat cells and or collagen.

This combination of treatments returns the body to a more visually fresh & youthful state. But Ultraosund Inc. is just getting started. The next generation of body contour is almost here!

* Notice & disclaimer: Cavitation should not be used as a method to treat obesity and weight loss, substituting for a healthy diet & exercise.

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