UltrasoundInc. will provide customers with the next generation in non-invasive skin tightening & contouring.
Learn more about how our products and services will change the industry through revolutionary marketing techniques and new bLITE® Technology.

Product Summary


Fat reduction is now obtainable with a carefully prescribed combination of ultrasound and radio frequency!

Ultrasound Inc.’s bLITE device involves custom hand wands guided by proprietary software that delivers an exclusive combination of sound and radio frequency waves to destroy fat cells (termed-cavitation) to target areas, such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs & flank.

This process delivers powerful yet painless thermal energy deep within the skin and tissue without injuring the skin’s surface. Selective frequency can discriminate among internal tissues affecting only fat cells and/or collagen.

This combination of treatments returns the body to a more visually fresh & youthful state.


Face tightening and wrinkle reduction solution using the most advanced ingredients present technology has to offer for lasting results. Ultrasound Inc. uses a proprietary system of mechanical, chemical, and thermal combinations to deliver our exclusive topical lotions transdermally.


Hair growth and stimulation products help fight against premature balding through FDA approved ingredients that are designed to fight against dihydrotestosterone (DHT) buildup while strengthening the hair follicle.

Our bMAX topical serum and shampoo are used to enhance and protect the hair of minoxidil users. Our proprietary blends offer the most powerful known ingredients, which allows the minoxidil to penetrate the proper skin barriers in order to reach and destroy DHT at the root, stimulating blood flow and hair growth.This combination of treatments returns the body to a more visually fresh & youthful state.